Jewish Caviar

Dear Marysia,

Today I have another of my old school family recipes to share with you. This one seems very fancy, tastes great, and is very cheap at the same time. That's probably why it has survived for so many years. I asked my Grandmother, and she actually doesn’t even remember where it comes from. It's also interesting that one of our favorite family recipes is Jewish, even though nobody in my family is. 

chicken liver pate

Anyway, since you and I started writing I've begun to ask my Grandma for advice very often, for two reasons. 

Firstly and most obviously, I want to be as accurate as I can be when it comes to keeping my family legacy alive.

But most of all I've found that talking about food brings us closer together. Every recipe has a story. Some of them are even about my great-grandparents. So I call my Grandma and a simple question about ingredients evolves in an hour-long conversation. Then when it finally comes to discussing the food itself, it turns out that we cannot agree about some little detail, so she runs across the hall to my Aunt's, and that’s where the heated discussion really begins. Usually they don't come to a conclusion before the next day, so I have to remember to ask my questions in advance.

The cutest moment in the whole process is when I visit Grandma after each one of those talks and she already has a tiny piece of paper with a handwritten recipe waiting for me.

Sometimes I make small changes in proportions, like this time, but I wouldn’t dare to change anything major. I hope my grandkids won’t, either.



15 oz chicken liver – cleaned 

6 free range eggs - hardboiled

2 onions

7 oz butter


Black pepper

Optionally: 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard or mayo


Roughly chop one of the onions. Fry liver and onion in butter for about 7 minutes.

Blend in a food processor with eggs until smooth. Add salt, pepper and the other onion, very thinly chopped.

You can add mayo or mustard to taste. Grandma says not to, but my Aunt likes it. Im torn :)

Serve with Graham bread or a French baguette and sweet white wine. I recently had it with Vino Passito and it was perfect!

Posted on June 3, 2015 and filed under Recipes.