Sorrel Pineapple Smoothie

Dear Oleńka,

You’re already familiar with both my obsession with sorrel and my profound love for Central Asian jewelry. Last week I had a chance to visit another silversmith’s workshop, so I figured this would be an opportune moment to share yet another sorrel recipe with you (I promise I do occasionally eat other things).

sorrel pineapple smoothie

September in Almaty is a month filled with festivals. In order to commemorate the city’s official birthday, the municipal authorities organize numerous events on an almost daily basis, including concerts, exhibits, and crafts fairs. The latter always represent a significant danger to my wallet, as I am usually completely powerless against the lure of Kazakh jewelry. Last weekend was no exception. A friend and I stopped by a crafts fair in Panfilov Park, and I may or may not have made off with three rings and a pair of earrings (I regret nothing). The work of one craftsman in particular stood out to us, and the director of his gallery told us we could stop by his workshop for a visit later in the week.

serik rysbekov

Serik Rysbekov is a well-known Kazakh artist who works primarily with silver and enamel. It turns out I’ve been an admirer of his jewelry much longer than I realized—I happened to be wearing a pair of earrings I received as a gift years ago, and when we met with him he immediately recognized them as his own work! He showed us around his workshop and demonstrated his technique. Most of his finished pieces had just been sent to Moscow for an exhibit, but we got to see his works in progress and a few favorite items that he keeps for his personal collection.

serik rysbekov

Clearly such a successful expedition has to be toasted with sorrel!


Sorrel Pineapple Smoothie
Serves 1-2

200 grams pineapple (about ¼ of a medium-large pineapple)
150 grams sorrel (about one small bunch, with stems)
1 medium banana
1 tbs chia seeds
¼ cup coconut milk (the refrigerated kind) or almond milk

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

sorrel pineapple smoothie


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