Nutella Cookies for the Highly Improvised Itinerant Scholar’s Kitchen, or: How to Bake Without Equipment or Ingredients, In Moscow or Elsewhere


Dear Ola,

When I packed my bags for a fifteen-month research trip at the end of May, I knew that among the things I would miss most about Somerville were my kitchen and its assorted contents, the farmer’s market down the street, and our neighborhood supermarket, a local institution that has a cult following (and recently became the focus of international media attention). My first stop was Moscow, where finding decent housing is notoriously difficult.  I was lucky enough to share a centrally located apartment with two friends, right by the Moscow River, complete with air conditioning, a view of one the Stalin-era Seven Sisters skyscrapers (close cousins of Warsaw’s Palace of Culture), and even a relatively large kitchen.

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Posted on March 28, 2015 .